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    The Frest™ Reusable Capsule has been designed to make it as easy as possible to use. However, depending on the coffee you use, you might not get the desired result. This page will help you get started. Become a master at making coffee!

    There are 3 factors that distinguish an okay coffee from an amazing coffee: type of ground coffee, the amount of coffee and tamping. Experiment with these factors to get the outcome you want, a perfect cup of coffee!

    Type of Ground Coffee

    Ground coffee ranges from a coarse ground to an extra fine ground. We recommend to use a fine ground coffee. Fine ground coffee is often used for espresso and gives you a strong coffee.

    If you use fine ground coffee in the reusable coffee cups you should only lightly compact the coffee with the tamper. Coffee dripping slowly out of the machine usually indicates that too much pressure was applied while tamping. The coffee is too compact for the water to go through the capsule. If this happens you should apply less pressure with the tamper next time.

    It all depends on the ground coffee you use. Some coffee doesn’t require any tamping at all. Simply putting the lid back on can be enough. But other ground coffees might require a lot of pressure. So, we recommend to experiment what work good with your ground coffee and coffee machine. Trail and error!

    Amount of Coffee

    Most often, the best result can be obtained by not overfilling the reusable capsule. If the capsule is too full the water can’t flow through properly. After tamping, the ground coffee should be slightly below the edge of the capsule. You should not have to apply a lot of pressure when putting the lid back on.

    If you like an intense tasting coffee you can put in more ground coffee, but always make sure the water can flow through the capsule with ease.


    The amount of pressure applied while tamping the ground coffee is a crucial factor. Even the taste of the coffee can depend on how much pressure is applied! Play around with the amount of pressure applied during tamping to find what works for you.

    How to get crema on the coffee?

    We have found there is more crema on the coffee when using fine ground coffee. However, it will depend on the coffee you use. Some coffee beans naturally produces more crema. Also, the type of roast can be a factor. Lighter roasted coffee tends to generate more crema than a darker roast coffee bean.

    We will let you in on a simple barista trick to get more crema and to enhance flavor. Put the Frest™ Reusable Capsule in the machine and press the button to make the coffee. After 2-3 seconds press the button again, right before the coffee starts coming out of the machine, to stop the machine. Now let the hot water sit in the capsule for about 10 seconds. Now press the button again and make your coffee how you usually do. Now you have more crema than normal!

    Cleaning the Capsule 

    Make sure to wait a couple of minutes before you touch the capsule after you used it as it will be hot. Once it has cooled, you can safely empty the capsule. Give the capsule a quick rinse to get rid of any last coffee remains.


    + Why should I buy a Frest™ Reusable Capsule, doesn’t Nespresso recycle their single use capsules?

    First of all, reusing is always better than recycling. Recycling still impacts the environment as recycling requires a lot of energy. Single use capsules are often made of both plastic and aluminum making it extra difficult to recycle. But the most shocking thing is that the quality of the recycled aluminum is not good enough for producing new capsules.

    Even though there are several recycling programs for single use capsules, a majority of the capsules still end up in landfills. According to research, of the 39000 capsules produced every minute globally at least 29000 capsules end up in landfills. Some even estimate that less than 5% of the sold single use capsules are recycled.

    Secondly, by use the Frest™ Reusable Capsule will save you a lot of money. Here you can find more detailed info on the money save when using the reusable capsules.

    + Do you have reusable capsules for other coffee machines?

    Yes, we also sell reusable capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto machines and with Vertuo  (230 ml and 80 ml) machines.                                              

    With the single use capsules the machine pierces through the aluminium, doesn’t the Frest™ Reusable Capsule get damaged?

    The Frest™ Reusable Capsule has a holes that let the water flow through easily. Furthermore, the reusable capsule is slightly shorter to make sure the pins don’t apply to much pressure. The reusable capsule is made of a high-quality stainless steel, which will not get damaged while making coffee.

    + Does the Frest™ Reusable Capsule damage the machine?

    In designing the Frest™ Reusable capsule we chose to make the capsule slightly shorter to make sure the pins don’t apply to much pressure. We have tested our capsule over and over to be absolutely sure everything works fine.

    + Can I immediately use the Frest™ Reusable Capsule again after making a coffee?

    We recommend to wait 1-2 minutes after using the capsule as it will be too hot to touch. If you know you often need to make several coffees in a row, we recommend buying multiple capsules.

    + How long will the Frest™ Reusable Capsule last?

    The Frest™ Reusable capsule has a 10+ years lifespan. Simply take care of them properly and wash the reusable capsule after each use. We offer a 1-year limited warranty. The silicone O-rings might need replacement after a lot of use. You can find the replacement silicone O-rings here.

    + Will my coffee machine lose its warranty if I use the Frest™ Reusable Capsule?

    Absolutely not! Using our reusable capsule is the same as using a compatible single use capsule from a brand like Lavazza® or L’Or®. The difference is the Frest™ Reusable Capsule does not create unnecessary waste.

    + What is the expected delivery time?

    We will process your order within 1-3 business days. Once your order ships, it may take up to 2 - 3 weeks for your order to arrive, depending on your country. Most orders arrive within 2 weeks, however. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) unexpected delays may occur.


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