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    Save Money While Saving The Planet

    In the table below you will how much you can save per year based on the amount of coffee you drink per day. In the USA Nespresso single use capsule start at $0.70. There are more expensive Nespresso capsules, but for our calculations we used the cheapest ($0.70) ones available. In Europe we also used the cheapest (€0.40) available Nespresso capsules for our calculations. 
    In the USA you pay about $22 for 2.2 lbs premium ground coffee. A  Frest™ Reusable Capsule will contain about 6 grams of ground coffee. This comes down to about $0.13 per reusable capsule. In Europe a premium ground coffee is about €20. Here it will cost about €0.12 to fill a reusable capsule (6 grams of coffee).

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