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    FAQ Frest™ Fur Catcher

    How do I clean the Frest Fur Catcher?

    Use a damp cloth to clean the Frest™ Fur Catcher. Do not put water directly on the Frest™ Fur Catcher to wash it.

    On what surfaces can the Frest Fur Catcher be used?

    The Frest™ Fur Catcher can be used on many fabric surfaces. Just make sure the fabric can’t move (if necessary hold it down) so the Frest™ Fur Catcher can do its job. The Frest™ Fur Catcher doesn’t work on hard and smooth surfaces like wood and tile floors. Don't use the roller on your pet directly.

    Can the Frest Fur Catcher be used on clothing?

    The Frest™ Fur Catcher is not designed for cleaning clothing, however on certain types of clothing is works wonders! It's trail and error. A tip when trying it yourself, make sure the clothing lays flat and that both ends are held down so the clothing doesn’t move.

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